GMM: Godzilla vs Megalon (1973)

In a very special episode, we look back at the 2nd ever recording that we made.  Our episode for the 1973 film Godzilla vs Megalon.

This was one of our test episodes before we started publishing for real.  We present it to you unedited and in it’s original glory. 

We play a game called “Guess the Stock Footage”, argue if Seatopians are good/bad, and argue about Technology being good/bad.  Honestly, we don’t really argue, but that is what I wrote as I was writing this so that’s what was written.

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15:20Talking Points
35:58Does it Hold Up?
42:39Final part?

Contact us at:

Main Theme and Stingers Written by Matthias Fluor

Art by Laser ‘lizard’ Lluis

Special Thanks to:

Teachers everywhere

Authors of the First Amendment


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