GMM: Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979)

Right Click and Save As to Download Joshua makes some arguments and Taylor doesn’t agree.  We also discuss if a version of Twister could be a giant monster movie in our episode for the 1979 film Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979). Time 02:27 History 13:06 Plot 23:00 Talking Points 48:14 Messages 56:41 Final ThoughtsContinue reading “GMM: Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979)”


GMM: Prophecy (1979)

Right Click and Save As to Download We talk abortion and Native Americans for our episode on the 1979 film Prophecy.  There is also a mutant giant bear. Time 01:58 History 10:08 Plot 19:26 Talking Points 31:51 Messages 40:34 Final Thoughts 44:15 Listener Feedback Contact us at: Main Theme and Stingers Written by MatthiasContinue reading “GMM: Prophecy (1979)”

T9: Messages

Top 9: Messages Right Click and Save to Download This episode Joshua and Taylor rank their top 9 movies on both importance of message and how well it was delivered. Have they only watched 9 films and thus some of these probably don’t deserve to be here? Of course. But if we waited forContinue reading “T9: Messages”