T9: One change to a film

In this episode we discuss what 1 change we would make to any of the giant monster films we have seen. Such changes could be: The return of a doctor More death scenes Less Monsters Actually including a giant monster Different monsters win fights Also, we get a surprise top 5 giant monster movies fromContinue reading “T9: One change to a film”

GMM: Godzilla vs Hedorah

We DoN’t WaNt To GeT pOlItIcAl, but we cover Captain Planet, Responsibility, and we also learn Joshua’s top 3 Godzilla films in our discussion for the 1971 masterpiece Godzilla vs Hedorah. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/giantmonstermessages/GMM85_Godzilla_vs_Hedorah.mp3 Right Click and Save As to Download Time 01:32 History 05:47 Plot 08:22 Talking Points 24:27 Messages 31:12 Final Thoughts 33:57 Listener FeedbackContinue reading “GMM: Godzilla vs Hedorah”