GMM: Gamera vs Guiron (1969)

We talk about yet another Planet X and thankfully have NOT the worst kids ever in our discussion for the 1969 film Gamera vs Guiron. Right Click and Save As to Download Time 01:36 History 07:50 Plot 13:02 Talking Points 28:39 Messages 33:37 Final Thoughts 35:56 Listener Feedback References Japan traffic war Contact usContinue reading “GMM: Gamera vs Guiron (1969)”

GMM: Gamera vs Gyaos (1967)

Taylor complains about having a real job now and Joshua thinks the kid could be the voice of god in our episode for the 1967 film Gamera vs Gyaos. Also, there is lots of talk about artificial blood. Right Click and Save As to Download Time 02:30 History 07:35 Plot 12:32 Talking Points 26:41Continue reading “GMM: Gamera vs Gyaos (1967)”